Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drywall, shear walls and insulation

Some masterful tile work by Tasha, Brazilian black slate! 
God, this insulation is messy! I hated every minute of it, but can I say R25 in a 3.5" wall cavity?
I know this much insulation is overkill in California. The building inspector pointed out that I likely have PTSD from growing up in a cold climate. Too true.

Insulation cavity-fill  

More candid pictures of insulation oozing out of wall cavities.

Living room shear wall in place.

Main Bath

More main bath... and ROBERN! Love this cabinet.

Hallway, shearing in place, and in the distance, you can see the two cut-outs for the skylights.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Blog update... sorry it's been a while, we've been busy :-)

Pouring a shower pan - sloping the grout toward the drain.

Pausing for a moment of reflection. Why did I get the fast-setting mortar again?
This was supposed to be a river-rock shower floor. Didn't really work out well, stay tuned for the ensuing modifications.

Bubblers in place, ready for the big pour 

Mix master Tash

Japanese soaking tub mid-pour.

Painted ceilings in the bedroom.

Japanese soaking tub, getting tiled

We decided to paint the ceiling in the living room and kitchen to tie everything in. Action poses of Tasha the incredible painting machine.

First test panel of expanding foam insulation. This is going to be messy, but effective.

Radiant tubing going in.

Radiant manifold shown in place in the office closet.

Thanks to our good friends at Central Concrete and Rock'N Ready pumping for their help. Central concrete gave us a great price on some self-leveling 8-sack concrete with 25% fly ash. A special blend just for our floor.

Action pose. Bleeding and priming the radiant manifold and tubing.

And the floor goes in....

First pass trowel

Second pass trowel