Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new truck, framing the bedroom, priming brick, etc

This week was a very productive and busy week. We continue to pour foundation at the rear addition, and framing the areas where the foundation has been poured.

Priming the brick was surprisingly easy. We purchased Behr masonry primer, and had it tinted to "gunmetal" to match the top coat.  I got to try out my Ryobi sprayer, which worked out really well. The spray pattern was even, and it only took about an hour to spray all of the brick. Amazing. More brick-related posts to follow.

Finally, there was a new addition to the family. The 1980 Toyota truck was a little too unreliable, plus Natasha needed something to carry a surfboard. This one has power steering!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rear bedroom

The rear bedroom walls are down, I've shown the progress starting with what was originally there:

After we removed all the walls and floors, we raised the roof 3 ft. We did this with a series of 20 ton jacks, some 4x4 posts over about a week. I was a bit terrified that something was going to snap and the roof would cave in. Nonetheless, we're done with raising the roof.
Front elevation, showing the original angle of the rear addition roof.

Front elevation, showing the new angle of the rear addition roof. The angle mirrors the Living Room roof angle, giving the house a "Butterfly roof".

Rebar epoxied into the old foundation. Ready for the pour.

Kitchen Framing and Floor joists.

The framing and cripple wall, as well as a new girder are in place. Many thanks to my buddy Anthony for helping me out for the past three days.