Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LED strip lighting is finally here from China. Hoping that we made the right choice. This strip is 5050smd, 60leds per meter, and light output is 14.4 watts per meter. Total cost of this small box was $880, but should show substantial savings in the years to come. Stay tuned to see these in operation.

A new beam and pylons in the living room break up the 14' span and essentially eliminate any of the pre-existing bounce.

Old redwood floors coming out, new T & G OSB going in.

Robern medicine cabinets. A ReStore steal at $50 each. The store tag said $1150. Missing doors, but everything else, including two GFCI's is there... and it is so easy to make doors to match the vanity.

Plumbing rough in.


  1. What are you doing with all that redwood?

  2. Keeping warm and dry. If you know someone who can use it, it has nails in it, some termite damage and is in splinters.