Sunday, June 19, 2011

Siding.. part one.

The issue of exterior siding came to light last week. As the windows are trickling in from the supplier, we are removing and replacing the old ones with new, etc. At this point I was tired of driving up to the house and seeing the old blue (ugly) stucco, with a boarded up space where the window used to be, and OSB where the new addition is. I decided to take a bold step and put up some siding. It all sort of came together organically, pieced together from materials that were readily available and inexpensive as well. Our original plan was to purchase Ipe and use that for the siding. This would have cost approximately $6000, which was a bit over our projected budget for exterior finishes. I wanted to sneak some steel into the look, but Tasha was afraid that it would be too overwhelming. Sometimes I've found that, although she has a great ability to look at materials and immediately know whether or not it would go together well, I have a bit of trouble when we look outside the realm of commonly-used building material. When I suggested galvanized steel siding panels for accent walls, Tasha wanted to see them in place on other buildings. No problem, she is a librarian, so she did a google image search and turned up a hundred or so modern homes with this look. We came up with a hybrid version of galvanized steel siding and redwood (much more affordable than Ipe)

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