Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Building plan approved

Finally! The building plan that we submitted to the Alameda County Building Department has been approved. It was a pretty involved process, lots of meetings with the plans inspector, title 24 calculations and the like. Once I submitted the plans for approval it took about two weeks for them to review and approve. I have building permits in-hand today!

Makes me wonder why so many people even bother doing renovations without pulling permits. The premise of the purchase of this house was that the rear addition was possibly not approved by the Alameda County building department. I requested the old file, where I found a wealth of information related to the original building and the addition as well. The job card for the rear addition was complete, and the inspections were signed off as expected. It was confusing, since the original addition building plan application (dated 1961) showed a much smaller addition. However, when all the flooring and walls were removed, it is obvious that the foundation is a single-pour running the entire perimeter of the room, which implies that it was always this big, just not reflected on the building plan.

Upon further discussion with the AC building inspector, since the house is in unincorporated AC, and since it was 1961, the attitude was way more laid back than in some other areas. Chances are that the plan changed once the addition was begun, and new plans were never submitted. Good to know. Now, however, the plans will reflect the true size of the house.

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