Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pouring the Foundation walls

The cripple wall along the entire North side of the house was sitting on a rotten sill plate. The sill plate was under grade at least six inches in some places, which led to water seepage and the eventual rotting of all the framing members. How was this house still standing?


The most logical solution was to remove the cripple wall, drill and epoxy rebar into the existing concrete T-forms and do a new pour up to the level of the floor joists. Let the fun begin. The first step was to create beams to support the house while the cripple wall was removed. (Not that the cripple wall was actually doing anything in it's current state, I suspect that the stucco was the structural support here).


Forms up, concrete poured...

And, the finished product...
Note the rough-out for ventilation, we will be inserting some sort of MCM-themed block here.

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